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ভিডিও লেকচার প্রদান সংক্রান্ত নোটিস

Dated By : 25-04-2020

Important Notice

It is informed all of the Teachers of SSR Institute that under this lock down situation, due to complete the syllabus at time,

There are some instructions from BTEB & SSTS-BD are as follows:

  •         Every teacher prepares minimum 5 video lectures /week/ subject including homework and send to Md. Nesar Ahmed (IT Officer) from 26/04/2020.
  •          He will arrange Video conference with students if need to his subjects.
  •          He will make messenger group with his subject related students. By using this-


  1.           He will inform students at time about video lecture
  2.          He contracts with students & Guardians (if need) to solve their subjective problems of current semester & previous referred subjects.
  3.          He will take their online exam &also feedback of given assignment. That evaluation will be count as Theory Continuous (TC).
  4.          He will give them advice about study & also the present situation.


  •          He will keep record about the response & progress of the students and send the report every week to Principal & also Vice Principal ( by mail.

That report will be sent to SSTS Education dept.

The subjects are very important.


SSR Institute

Ashulia, Dhaka